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I REALLY, REALLY SUCK GUYS. I KNOW, I KNOW. But for my New Years Resolution I will post on LJ more often! Hopefully once a week like before, but I wont promise anything for now! I feel really bad for abandoning this site fff. I met so many amazing friends on here and I feel like I've ignored you all these past few months. I will try and catch up with your entires and much as I possibly can! Hopefully in these next few months I can build up my bonds again with you guys. ;A; Some other places I frequent are Plurk and Tumblr which I'll link to down bellow for you all~ I think my next post will be an "About Me" so I can introduce myself to those whom I don't know to well and reintroduce myself to those whom I haven't talked to in ages. Hopefully as well as a short life update post! Ahhh I've missed you all sosososososo much. I'll try my hardest to post just like before. ;__;

Tumblr: andrometamorphose.tumblr.com

Plurk: plurk.com/SpicaReplay

Also hey I'll add in a pretty picture to semi makeup for it.

18 October 2010 @ 12:17 am
day 05 – your definition of love

I think love is something that’s really hard to define. “Love” can range from the feeling you have for your family, best friend or lover. I think it’s when you have the others best interest at heart but at the same time they complement you and try to do the same back. They keep you on your feet when needed to and are there to support you through your best and worst time. You know that person is there for their personal benefit, but because they genuinely care for you. Someone you can laugh about the most idiotic things with and you wont feel embarrassed, or someone you can tell all your deepest secrets and dreams to and know they’ll understand it, someone who accepts you for who you are and wouldn’t try and change you unless your actions were hurting you or putting you in danger. I don’t think love is just something exclusively for lovers, it can be the same feeling for best friends and family too.

day 06 – your day

Went to sleep finally at 5:30 am.
Wake up at around 10am.
Vacuum the entire house.
Make breakfast.
Bitch some stupid chick out on Facebook.
Clean my mothers car.
Go to the mall with a friend.
Visit our other friend at his job.
Walk around looking for a gift for my friends girlfriend.
Eat at the food court.
Go to Starbucks.
Come home.
Talk to Maru (my wife)
Go get some groceries.
Talk to Tomi.
Talk to Maru some more.
Procrastinate and do this meme.

Most of my day was spent talking to Maru. LOL. It’s not the next day for me till I wake up.

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15 October 2010 @ 07:41 pm
day 04 – what you ate today

Today I actually ate! I usually eat like once a day since my mother thinks I'm too ~fat~ to eat at home. Anyways, I are some chicken today at lunch since I had money and today I went over to my friend Maham's house with my other friends Mamta, Ernesto and Kevin and we had lots of yummy food! We had chicken biryani, pizza, swiss cake rolls, soda, brownies and airheads. I haven't eaten that much in months mmmm. It tasted so good. Every time we come to Maham's house her mother makes us a feast. LOL.

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14 October 2010 @ 06:43 am
day 03 – your parents

I have two parents, obviously. I currently only live with my mother because of some family issues we have going on. I do get to see my dad from time to time though it's starting to become really rare. My mother is working to become an elementary school teacher and she's about fifty something years old though everyone thinks she's thirty something. I hate my mother with a passion. She's the only person I can say I can actually feel true hatred towards. People are always telling me "Oh but she's your mother, she gave birth to you, you have to love her!" I don't feel anything towards her. I only show the bare minimum of respect to her since I still live with her for the sake of making my life easer and since she's an adult. But I don't feel like she's my mother at all. She's put me through way too much shit my entire life for me to care. We're constantly screaming at each other and we have just never liked each other. Only one person knows what she's really put me through and that's pretty much how it's going to stay. She's a real bitch to me but when my friends are around she changes the way she acts completely, she'll act like the friendliest person in the world and put on the most fake persona you have ever seen in your life.

My dad however is a completely different story! My dad and I are really close and we get along wonderfully. He's always been there for me through all the things I ever wanted to weather it be dance class, piano/guitar class, theater arts, choir, and cosplay among many other things. He really takes the time to sit down and talk to me and act interesting in what I'm doing. He's the total opposite of my mother. I've only ever seen him "yell" about two times in my entire life. He's so calm and relaxed and he has so much patience for everything. He's the one who first had the idea to let me go to anime conventions. He likes some of the stuff I'm interested in too. He likes Harry Potter and he even has his ringtone on his phone set as "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga. LOL.

If you're wondering how my parents are so different yet they're married, it's because of my sister and I. Basically the only reason they are still together is because of us. They're planning to get an official divorce once I move out and oh maaaaaaaan I can not wait.

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13 October 2010 @ 07:02 am
I think I can pull the full 30 days off, well hopefully at least. LOL
day 02 – your first love
My first ~love~ was this guy in my pre-k class named Enrique. LOL. We only had one boy in there and all the girls liked him. Obviously not my first real love but he's the first crush I can remember having. We're still friends to this day. Our parents are always making jokes we're going to get married on day. Though to the two of us that's just creepy. We're like brother and sister.

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Seeing as how I suck horribly at updating consistently, I'm going to give this 30 day meme a shot. I figured it's an easy thing to do since the prompts for every day aren't too hard and it doesn't take long to do at all! Anyways, here we gooooooo~

day 01 - introduce yourself
My name is Wendy, and I'm in the Criminal Justice program at school. Even though it's a lot of work and the teacher is always constantly pushing us and demanding a lot out of us, I really do love it. We get to do hands on stuff all the time and the things we learn about are genuinely interesting to me. As most of you can tell by now, I'm a huge jrock faggot, I like other types of music too but I just post about it every time I do a journal because most of my flist on here is into kpop and sometimes I hope the songs I post will get my friends more into jrock. LOL. I am pansexual, if you don't know what it is, just look it up on Google~ I'm extremely sarcastic like you wouldn't believe, and I speak my mind about almost everything. Oh yeah, I like to cosplay too~ I wont give out too much about myself today, there's still 29 days worth of things I have to talk about~

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06 October 2010 @ 01:07 am
I just wrote a letter by hand that was about five pages long telling someone how I felt, about everything about them, since the beginning up until now.

I riped it into pieces because it’s not like I’d be able to ever give them the letter anyways, and I’m too much of a chicken in worry that if they ever saw the letter they’d distance themselves from me and think I’m a freak.

I suck.

I'm sorry the only posts you usually see from me as of late are either memes or stupid shit like this. It's just. I'm tired of feeling inadequate. I'm tired of being here at home. The stupid people I deal with at school. The stupid teachers I deal with there. Stupid emotions.

I feel like I want to make all the people close to me happy, but I feel if I can't even keep up with what's going around me I'm just letting people down on that end. I wish I could just take a week vacation from life or something.

04 October 2010 @ 10:53 pm
The "What I've always wanted to tell you" Meme

Yeah I need to get my ass on here. Fuck college level classes man.
23 September 2010 @ 12:26 am


20 September 2010 @ 10:22 am
Missing an entire week of school totally fucked me over in ways I never knew was even possible. So yeah, I’ma spend all day today working on stuff for eight different classes. I have a shit ton of tests/projects/essays and what not to do. I really fucking like my 95.16 gpa and I don’t want it to go down. ;__;

I’m never missing a day of school again. If I have a 105f fever, throwing up my own stomach acid and coughing I’ll just sit in the back of the class with a bucket and a cold compress with some hot tea and suck it up. >: